The Starry Sky that Van Gogh Used to See, 40x50cm oil on canvas


special edition <The Starry Sky that Van Gogh Used to See> 
When I was in paimary school around 7 year old I first time saw van Gogh’s painting <Starry Night> .I loved it so much!it became one of the important reason for a 7 years old me wanted to become an artist when grow up.

I call this painting “Special” because normally I don’t paint such Van Gogh style. Last year (and beginning of this year) we spend our new year’s eve in Auvers-sur-Oise, the final resting place of Van Gogh, once again all his works and life stories came back to my mind, then I decided to paint a sky that Van Gogh used to see at the end of his life, in his style.✨🌃hope you like it✨✨




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